Source code for fontbakery.message

# These constants are merely meant to be used
# so that the check_override declarations are more readable:

[docs]class Message: """Status messages to be yielded by FontBakeryCheck""" def __init__(self, code, message): """ code: (string|number) a check internal, unique code to describe a specific failure condition. A short string is preferred, it makes a better experience to read the code. Never use the same code at two different yields, this is meant for unit testing to identify a specific condition of the check. A yield within a loop would (usually) have the same code for each iteration, unless there's a good reason not to do so. message: (string) human readable message. In the future, this class could be extended to hold even more information if useful, e.g. a hint how to fix a specific condition. """ self.code = code self.message = message def __repr__(self): return f"{self.message} [code: {self.code}]"
[docs] def getData(self): """return a dictionary with data suitable for serialization, i.e. only stuff that is allowed in JSON. """ return {"code": self.code, "message": self.message}