Source code for fontbakery.profiles.cmap

from fontbakery.callable import check
from fontbakery.status import FAIL, PASS
from fontbakery.message import Message

# used to inform get_module_profile whether and how to create a profile
from fontbakery.fonts_profile import profile_factory  # noqa:F401 pylint:disable=W0611

[docs]@check( id="", proposal="legacy:check/013", ) def com_google_fonts_check_family_equal_unicode_encodings(ttFonts): """Fonts have equal unicode encodings?""" encoding = None failed = False for ttFont in ttFonts: cmap = None for table in ttFont["cmap"].tables: if table.format == 4: cmap = table break if not cmap: yield FAIL, Message("no-cmap", "Couldn't find a format 4 cmap table.") return if not encoding: encoding = cmap.platEncID if encoding != cmap.platEncID: failed = True if failed: yield FAIL, Message("mismatch", "Fonts have different unicode encodings.") else: yield PASS, "Fonts have equal unicode encodings."