Source code for fontbakery.profiles.fontwerk

Checks for Fontwerk <>

from fontbakery.callable import check
from fontbakery.section import Section
from fontbakery.status import PASS, FAIL
from fontbakery.fonts_profile import profile_factory
from fontbakery.message import Message
from fontbakery.profiles.googlefonts import GOOGLEFONTS_PROFILE_CHECKS
from fontbakery.constants import FsSelection, MacStyle

profile_imports = ("fontbakery.profiles.googlefonts",)
profile = profile_factory(default_section=Section("Fontwerk"))

# FIXME: It would be much better to refactor this as described at:
profile.configuration_defaults = {
    "": {
        "WARN_SIZE": 1 * 1024 * 1024,
        "FAIL_SIZE": 9 * 1024 * 1024,

# Note: I had to use a function here in order to display it
# in the auto-generated Sphinx docs due to this bug:
[docs]def leave_this_one_out(checkid): CHECKS_NOT_TO_INCLUDE = [ # don't run these checks on the Fontwerk profile: "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", # The following check they may need some improvements # before we decide to include it: "", ] if checkid in CHECKS_NOT_TO_INCLUDE: return True
FONTWERK_PROFILE_CHECKS = [ checkid for checkid in GOOGLEFONTS_PROFILE_CHECKS if not leave_this_one_out(checkid) ] + [ "com.fontwerk/check/no_mac_entries", "com.fontwerk/check/vendor_id", "com.fontwerk/check/weight_class_fvar", "com.fontwerk/check/inconsistencies_between_fvar_stat", "com.fontwerk/check/style_linking", ]
[docs]@check( id="com.fontwerk/check/no_mac_entries", rationale=""" Mac name table entries are not needed anymore. Even Apple stopped producing name tables with platform 1. Please see for example the following system font: /System/Library/Fonts/SFCompact.ttf Also, Dave Opstad, who developed Apple's TrueType specifications, told Olli Meier a couple years ago (as of January/2022) that these entries are outdated and should not be produced anymore. """, proposal="", ) def com_fontwerk_check_name_no_mac_entries(ttFont): """Check if font has Mac name table entries (platform=1)""" passed = True for rec in ttFont["name"].names: if rec.platformID == 1: yield FAIL, Message("mac-names", f"Please remove name ID {rec.nameID}") passed = False if passed: yield PASS, "No Mac name table entries."
[docs]@check( id="com.fontwerk/check/vendor_id", rationale=""" Vendor ID must be WERK for Fontwerk fonts. """, proposal="", ) def com_fontwerk_check_vendor_id(ttFont): """Checking OS/2 achVendID.""" vendor_id = ttFont["OS/2"].achVendID if vendor_id != "WERK": yield FAIL, Message( "bad-vendor-id", f"OS/2 VendorID is '{vendor_id}', but should be 'WERK'." ) else: yield PASS, f"OS/2 VendorID '{vendor_id}' is correct."
[docs]@check( id="com.fontwerk/check/weight_class_fvar", rationale=""" According to Microsoft's OT Spec the OS/2 usWeightClass should match the fvar default value. """, conditions=["is_variable_font", "has_wght_axis"], proposal="", ) def com_fontwerk_check_weight_class_fvar(ttFont): """Checking if OS/2 usWeightClass matches fvar.""" fvar = ttFont["fvar"] default_axis_values = {a.axisTag: a.defaultValue for a in fvar.axes} fvar_value = default_axis_values.get("wght") os2_value = ttFont["OS/2"].usWeightClass if os2_value != int(fvar_value): yield FAIL, Message( "bad-weight-class", f"OS/2 usWeightClass is '{os2_value}', " f"but should match fvar default value '{fvar_value}'.", ) else: yield PASS, f"OS/2 usWeightClass '{os2_value}' matches fvar default value."
[docs]def is_covered_in_stat(ttFont, axis_tag, value): if "STAT" not in ttFont: return False stat_table = ttFont["STAT"].table if stat_table.AxisValueCount == 0: return False for ax_value in stat_table.AxisValueArray.AxisValue: ax_value_format = ax_value.Format stat_value = [] if ax_value_format in (1, 2, 3): axis_tag_stat = stat_table.DesignAxisRecord.Axis[ax_value.AxisIndex].AxisTag if axis_tag != axis_tag_stat: continue if ax_value_format in (1, 3): stat_value.append(ax_value.Value) if ax_value_format == 3: stat_value.append(ax_value.LinkedValue) if ax_value_format == 2: stat_value.append(ax_value.NominalValue) if ax_value_format == 4: # TODO: Need to implement # locations check as well pass if value in stat_value: return True return False
[docs]@check( id="com.fontwerk/check/inconsistencies_between_fvar_stat", rationale=""" Check for inconsistencies in names and values between the fvar instances and STAT table. Inconsistencies may cause issues in apps like Adobe InDesign. """, conditions=["is_variable_font"], proposal="", ) def com_fontwerk_check_inconsistencies_between_fvar_stat(ttFont): """Checking if STAT entries matches fvar and vice versa.""" if "STAT" not in ttFont: return FAIL, Message( "missing-stat-table", "Missing STAT table in variable font." ) passed = True fvar = ttFont["fvar"] name = ttFont["name"] for ins in fvar.instances: instance_name = name.getDebugName(ins.subfamilyNameID) if instance_name is None: yield FAIL, Message( "missing-name-id", f"The name ID {ins.subfamilyNameID} used in an" f" fvar instance is missing in the name table.", ) passed = False continue for axis_tag, value in ins.coordinates.items(): if not is_covered_in_stat(ttFont, axis_tag, value): yield FAIL, Message( "missing-fvar-instance-axis-value", f"{instance_name}: '{axis_tag}' axis value '{value}'" f" missing in STAT table.", ) passed = False # TODO: Compare fvar instance name with constructed STAT table name. if passed: yield PASS, "STAT and fvar axis records are consistent."
[docs]@check( id="com.fontwerk/check/style_linking", rationale=""" Look for possible style linking issues. """, proposal="", ) def com_fontwerk_check_style_linking(ttFont): """Checking style linking entries""" from .shared_conditions import is_italic, is_bold errs = [] if is_bold(ttFont): if not (ttFont["OS/2"].fsSelection & FsSelection.BOLD): errs.append("OS/2 fsSelection flag should be (most likely) 'Bold'.") if not (ttFont["head"].macStyle & MacStyle.BOLD): errs.append("head macStyle flag should be (most likely) 'Bold'.") if ttFont["name"].getDebugName(2) not in ("Bold", "Bold Italic"): name_id_2_should_be = "Bold" if is_italic(ttFont): name_id_2_should_be = "Bold Italic" errs.append(f"name ID should be (most likely) '{name_id_2_should_be}'.") if is_italic(ttFont): if "post" in ttFont and not ttFont["post"].italicAngle: errs.append( "post talbe italic angle should be (most likely) different to 0." ) if not (ttFont["OS/2"].fsSelection & FsSelection.ITALIC): errs.append("OS/2 fsSelection flag should be (most likely) 'Italic'.") if not (ttFont["head"].macStyle & MacStyle.ITALIC): errs.append("head macStyle flag should be (most likely) 'Italic'.") if ttFont["name"].getDebugName(2) not in ("Italic", "Bold Italic"): name_id_2_should_be = "Italic" if is_bold(ttFont): name_id_2_should_be = "Bold Italic" errs.append(f"name ID should be (most likely) '{name_id_2_should_be}'.") if not errs: yield PASS, "Style linking looks good." for err in errs: yield FAIL, Message("style-linking-issue", err)
profile.auto_register( globals(), filter_func=lambda type, id, _: not (type == "check" and leave_this_one_out(id)), ) profile.test_expected_checks(FONTWERK_PROFILE_CHECKS, exclusive=True)