Source code for fontbakery.profiles.proposals

This is a temporary profile where proposed new checks with incomplete or
experimental implementations can live for a while, until they're promoted
to one of the other profiles (either universal, or a vendor-specific one).

from fontbakery.callable import check
from fontbakery.section import Section
from fontbakery.status import INFO  # FAIL, WARN, PASS
from fontbakery.fonts_profile import profile_factory
from fontbakery.message import Message

profile_imports = ((".", ("shared_conditions", "googlefonts_conditions")),)
profile = profile_factory(default_section=Section("Check Proposals"))

Please, feel free to use this template when adding new check proposals here:

    # Suggested profile: <profile-name>
    # Proponent: <name>
    id = 'com.<revese-domain>/check/<check-name>',
    rationale = """
        <insert rationale text here>
    proposal = '<issue-number>'
def com_<revese_domain>_check_<check_name>(ttFont):
    """<insert a one-line short description here>"""

    yield INFO,\
                  "This proposed check was not yet implemented!\n")

[docs]@check( suggested_profile="googlefonts", proponent="Rosalie Wagner (@RosaWagner)", id="", rationale=""" Any fonts checked with GF profile must contain these name IDs: * ID 0: Copyright string (Copyright: No complaint when everything is missing #3950) * ID 9: author's name * ID 13: License description * ID 14: License URL I think we don't care so much about Manufacturer's name, Manufacturer's URL and Designer's URL, but will confirm. """, proposal="", ) def com_google_fonts_check_mandatory_name_entries(ttFont): """Mandatory name table entries (other than font names)""" yield INFO, Message("stub", "This proposed check was not yet implemented!\n")