Check hhea.caretSlopeRise and hhea.caretSlopeRun


Checks whether hhea.caretSlopeRise and hhea.caretSlopeRun match with post.italicAngle.

For Upright fonts, you can set hhea.caretSlopeRise to 1 and hhea.caretSlopeRun to 0.

For Italic fonts, you can set hhea.caretSlopeRise to head.unitsPerEm and calculate hhea.caretSlopeRun like this: round(math.tan(

math.radians(-1 * font[“post”].italicAngle)) * font[“head”].unitsPerEm)

This check allows for a 0.1° rounding difference between the Italic angle as calculated by the caret slope and post.italicAngle


MaxAdvanceWidth is consistent with values in the Hmtx and Hhea tables?

Legacy check originally simply called ‘check/073’. We used to lack richer metadata back in 2015. We’re open to further improvements to this description.