Bash Completion

Font Bakery comes with a minimal Bash completion script to help you to type the subcommands that follow directly after the fontbakery command by hitting the tab key.

There’s no special completion support for the arguments of the subcommands yet.

First, install bash-completion package. And then run:

$ source path-to/fontbakery/bin/bash-completion

To install it permanently, copy or symlink the path-to/fontbakery/bin/bash_completion file into your bash_completion.d directory as fontbakery. Eg for GNU+Linux,

ln -s path-to/fontbakery/bin/bash_completion /etc/bash_completion.d/fontbakery

On macOS the bash_completion.d directory may be /sw/etc/bash_completion.d/fontbakery or /opt/local/etc/bash_completion.d/fontbakery

Then restart your Terminal or bash shell.