Windows Installation Guide

You’ll need Python 3.8 (or newer) to run FontBakery. Use the instructions provided at to download and install Python 3.8+ on the Windows platform.


pip install fontbakery

Should the above commands give you permission errors, try installing FontBakery into your user directory:

pip install --user fontbakery


pip install --upgrade fontbakery

You then need to add the directory to your environment path. Follow all ways on until you get to the dialog where you can set variables either system-wide or for your user account. What you need to do is add %LOCALAPPDATA%\Python\PythonYOURPYTHONVERSION\Scripts to your user account’s PATH variable, e.g. %LOCALAPPDATA%\Python\Python38\Scripts for Python 3.8.

If this doesn’t work for you, use py -3 -m fontbakery everywhere you’d use the command fontbakery.

Additional Dependencies

The following are optional dependencies that you can install to extend the functionality of Font Bakery. Please note that some tests will not be executed if these optional dependencies are not present on your system.

Microsoft Font Validator

Font Validator has useful tests for a font’s glyf table. We use Hintak’s fork.

  1. Download the latest release for Windows (e.g.

  2. Extract the archive somewhere and remember where

  3. Repeat the steps above to add fontbakery to the PATH variable and add the directory where you extracted the FontValidator.exe.