Reporter class that renders report as a HTML document.

class fontbakery.reporters.html.HTMLReporter(loglevels, succinct=None, collect_results_by=None, **kwd)[source][source]

Renders a report as a HTML document.

get_html() str[source][source]

Returns complete report as a HTML string.

html_for_check(check) str[source][source]

Returns HTML string for complete single check.

log_html(log) str[source][source]

Returns single check sub-result string as HTML or not if below log level.

render_rationale(check, checkid) str[source][source]

Figure out whether this report belongs to some vendor-specific profile based on the presence of specific section names.

When a logo is provided, it is displayed in the header of the page.

Similarly, a vendor-specific text can be provided.

fontbakery.reporters.html.getHeader(data, num_checks, omit_loglevel) List[str][source][source]
fontbakery.reporters.html.html5_document(body_elements) str[source][source]

Returns complete HTML5 document string.

fontbakery.reporters.html.summary_table(errors: int, fails: int, warns: int, skips: int, infos: int, passes: int, debugs: int, total: int) str[source][source]

Return summary table with statistics.