FontBakery reporters/serialize can report the events of the FontBakery CheckRunner Protocol to a serializeable document e.g. for usage with json.dumps.

Separation of Concerns Disclaimer: While created specifically for checking fonts and font-families this module has no domain knowledge about fonts. It can be used for any kind of (document) checking. Please keep it so. It will be valuable for other domains as well. Domain specific knowledge should be encoded only in the Profile (Checks, Conditions) and MAYBE in customized reporters e.g. subclasses.

class fontbakery.reporters.serialize.SerializeReporter(loglevels, succinct=None, collect_results_by=None, **kwd)[source][source]

usage: >> sr = SerializeReporter(runner=runner, collect_results_by=’font’) >> >> import json >> print(json.dumps(sr.getdoc(), sort_keys=True, indent=4))

omit_loglevel(msg) bool[source][source]

Determine if message is below log level.