All vendor-specific profiles such as the adobefonts one also include the checks from the universal profile.

Checks for Adobe Fonts (formerly known as Typekit).


Check correctness of STAT table strings


In the STAT table, the “Italic” keyword must not be used on AxisValues for variation axes other than ‘ital’ or ‘slnt’. This is a more lenient implementation of which allows “Italic” only for the ‘ital’ axis.


Fonts have consistent Units Per Em?


While not required by the OpenType spec, we (Adobe) expect that a group of fonts designed & produced as a family have consistent units per em.


Letters in font have glyphs that are not empty?


Font language, script, and character set tagging approaches typically have an underlying assumption that letters (i.e. characters with Unicode general category ‘Ll’, ‘Lm’, ‘Lo’, ‘Lt’, or ‘Lu’, which includes CJK ideographs and Hangul syllables) with entries in the ‘cmap’ table have glyphs with ink (with a few exceptions, notably the four Hangul “filler” characters: U+115F, U+1160, U+3164, U+FFA0).

This check is intended to identify fonts in which such letters have been mapped to empty glyphs (typically done as a form of subsetting). Letters with empty glyphs should have their entries removed from the ‘cmap’ table, even if the empty glyphs are left in place (e.g. for CID consistency).

The check will yield only a WARN if the blank glyph maps to a character in the range of Korean hangul syllable code-points, which are known to be used by font designers as a workaround to undesired behavior from InDesign’s Korean IME (Input Method Editor). More details available at


Font has a good nameID 1, Windows/Unicode/US-English name table record?


While not required by the OpenType spec, Adobe Fonts’ pipeline requires every font to support at least nameID 1 (Font Family name) for platformID 3 (Windows), encodingID 1 (Unicode), and languageID 1033/0x409 (US-English).


Does the font have any unsupported tables?


Adobe Fonts’ font-processing pipeline does not support all kinds of tables that can be included in OpenType font files.⏎ Fonts that do not pass this check are guaranteed to be rejected by the pipeline.